Can smoking medical marijuana lead to asthma? I've been using medical marijuana for about a year. Now I am having periodic wheezing and chest tightness. Could my smoking be causing asthma? It doesn't always happen while I am smoking..

Yes, . Yes, asthma is an inflammatory of your respiratory tract that can lead to partial and even full obstruction. Smoking is both a trigger and aggravating factor in this disease. You need to be evaluated by your physician to manage this problem.
Whatever . Whatever you smoke can lead to lung problems. If you are smoking "medical" marijuana, i would speak to the doctor that is prescibing this. There may be other reasons for your symptoms.
Marijuana . Marijuana irritates the respiratory tract even more than tobacco. Anyway, as it seems you have new onset wheezing, you should be evaluated by a physician. Wheezing has many causes, some much worse than asthma.
Yea. Of course it's going to cause bronchitis and it may unmask asthma. You have chronic bronchitis. If your not gonna stop, at least preve your lungs. Get one of those vocano things or a smokeless device. Not advocating usage just sayin u could get the respiratory stuff improved. Or, you know, so it would seem.

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Asthma, angina, muscle? Diangosis w/ asthma when teen. Never experienced wheezing ever. Recently had very mild chest tightness when walking up stairs (not heavy or painful). I smoke marijuana & have anxiety

See a doctor. These symptoms are not normal, and you should see a doctor for an exam. Your profile says that you are not a smoker, but smoking marijuana is smoking too. Good luck. Read more...
Needs evaluation. Nobody can diagnose the cause of chest pain purely on the basis of symptoms. If they are occurring with exertion, cardiac and lung causes need to be considered, but they can also be related to asthma or anxiety. Your doctor needs to take a thorough history, do a physical examination and then may want to do further tests. Xanax (alprazolam) is a very short-acting drug and there may be better choices. Read more...