Can a young person get a brow lift? I'm only in my 20s, but my brows are very low. I'd like to have a brow lift, but I'm worried a surgeon would laugh at someone so young having this procedure..

Yes . Yes absolutely, it is not really a question of age but of changes that are amenable to surgical correction.
This . This is a very good question. There are multiple reasons as to why an individual would undergo a brow lift procedure at a young age including ancestry, trauma, and previous surgery. Age, although it is a factor, becomes secondary if there are considerable anatomic findings. You may wish to have a chemical brow lift with Botox to weaken the depressors of the brow as this may easily give you the results you desire without surgery. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md.
Some . Some people do have naturally low brows (not related to aging). There are a few ways of improving this including a brow lift, Botox (chemical brow lift), or volume enhancement (if there is skin volume loss). You should meet with a facial plastic surgeon to get better idea of what your options are.
Yes, . Yes, but i would probably not recommend a surgical procedure with scarring. I probably would recommend non-surgical Botox or dysport. An evaluation is needed.