Any hope for a lasting relationship with a bipolar woman? A year ago I met a wonderful woman. We're in our early 60s. She told me she is bipolar and had a psychotic episode in her early 30s that required hospitalization. She's been through years of therap

Individuals . Individuals with bipolar illness can form long-term, committed and rewarding relationships. While anyone can have relationship problems, and the causes of failed or unstable relationships are too numerous to even mention here, personality disorders could often be a culprit. You probably need to step back and rethink if the "deja vu" that you had experienced is something that you are looking forward to re-experience again in the future.
You should be fine. yes, many bipolar people marry and stay married. If they stay on medicine and /or seek therapy for their health you are in good shape. Any illness like Bipolar is on a spectrum and cases need to be evaluated case by case. Give it time and trust your intuition. Be aware and take any precautions like knowing her doctor if that is helpful or works. .
Dr . Dr baskys' provided you an exceptional response. One thing to remember is that long distance relationships can be very appealing to individuals with committment issues (regardless if they have bipolar disorder). There is a certain anonymity and fantasy that goes along with email and telephone relationships. Brief visits can be like exciting mini-affairs. However, when there is more one to one, face to face contact for someone with committment issues, they may feel more anxious. Also, the "newly wed" feeling can start to wear off. If the woman was sensing that you wanted to take the relationship to the next level, she may avoid her feelings by abruptly terminating the relationship. Take care.