Could a bad blepharoplasty make me unable to open my eye? I am worried that my blepharoplasty could result in a damaged nerve where I wouldn’t be able to open one lid. Has this every happened? .

In . In experienced hands it would be exceedingly rare for this type of injury to occur. Another consideration is to avoid the problem of not being to fully close the eye. An experienced surgeon should be able to prevent this type of permanent complication as well.
This . This is a reasonable question, but not an large concern. Such an injury would be exceptionally rare and is often the result of blunt facial trauma (detachment of the levator aponeurosis). This, of course, can be corrected with surgery. Greater concerns relate to symmetry, scar formation, too little or too much tissue removal, and dry eyes. In experienced hands each of these elements are exceptionally low as well. Be well and be healthy, james m. Ridgway, md.
This . This a legitimate patient concern but is an exceedingly rare occurrence usually due to a detachment of the levator aponeurosis and not an injury to a nerve. Occasionally a traumatic injury occurs to the facial nerve that creates a situation where the upper eyelid cannot close. The nerve that controls this action is outside the area that is operated on during a blepharoplasty and is most commonly caused by a blow to the side of the head.