Can the shape of the lips be changed during a lip augmentation? If I want my mouth to look a little wider, can a lip augmentation do this? .

Lip . Lip augmentation won't increase the width of the mouth, though it can change the shape of the lips. Lip lift surgery can create a wider mouth (vertically) by excision skin in the area around the mouth. Check out my link below for more details.
The . The width of your mouth is determined by the anatomy of the face and that can't be changed by lip injections. Lip augmentation does not change the size of your mouth, but the size of your lips only. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.
The . The width of the mouth is generally not effected by a lip augmentation. The shape can be altered and will depend on the volume of the augmentation. Firmer implants such as the perma lip solid silicone implant or ptfe (~gortex) type implants or lip advancements may also alter the shape with the appearance of a change in width.