How do you get rid of a scalp cyst? I have a small bump on the middle of the back of my head. I've recently just asked a question about it on avvo. I got my answer and the person said it might be a cyst. I've searched up 'how to get rid of a cyst' on goog

Cysts . Cysts are simply sacs of tissue filled with a substance that makes them expand. There are many types of cysts in the body, but the most common in the area you are talking about is a sebaceous cyst. Most are benign problems but some can cause damage to surrounding structure and some, even more rare, can be neoplasms. Cysts typically cannot be treated at home. Definitive treatment of a cyst requires complete removal of the tissue and, in cases where the growth is more aggressive, some surrounding normal tissue is removed to prevent a recurrence. For these reasons you seek care from a surgeon for evaluation, removal and biopsy.