Why wont the pain go away? I had cancer in my neck 5 years ago and had many muscles removed plus intence radiation and chemo. Since than I got into a car accident and got whiplash. They say I have a disc out of place but was out of place before the accide

Typically . Typically during radiation of the neck for cancer, the spine is shielded/protected, so direct damage is not likely. That being said, extensive neck surgery for cancer and radiation therapy with chemo can cause severe scarring and fibrosis in the musculature. This can cause bad alignment of the musculoskeletal system. Physical therapy can often help the problem. The initial treatments can be uncomfortable, but with more work, the muscles and scarring can loosen up and flexibility increases and the pain will gradually improve. On the other hand, 5 years since treatment of your head and neck cancer without recurrence is technically a cure.
Hello. . Hello. First, you likely have significant scar tissue from your cancer surgery and radiation. Second, misalignment of the neck or disc bulging, protrusion or extrusion can cause pain. Your poor neck has gone through a lot. Take care.