Is one of the reasons that bariatric patients regain weight because of they need cosmetic surgery? I got a lap band and it is very difficult to stay out of the kitchen because of the 20 some odd pounds of flesh hanging down. I fight it but I have friends

Generally . Generally that is not the reason why people regain weight after having one of the bariatric procedures. The issue of loose skin after bariatric surgery can certainly be a psychologically and physically difficult one. Addressing the loose skin with a plastic surgeon is a smart idea, while turning to food is simply ignoring the issue at hand. Most bariatric patients regain their lost weight because they resume their old lifestyles and stop using the bariatric surgery as a tool, the way it was meant in the first place. Best advise is reconnect with your bariatric surgeon for a follow up, keep a food diary (a really honest one for at least one month) and meet with the nutritionist. This is your best chance at getting back on the "band" wagon. Good luck.
The . The reason they gain weight after a lap band is the same reason they gained weight before the lap band. There are many reasons to maintain the weight loss other than the cosmetic appearance.
No. People regain weight because they go back to old habits and eat poorly. Get healthy food and learn to cook.
Post lap band. Congratulations on taking a step towards controlling your health. Bariatric surgery can be amazing. The best results are usually when those patients have a good support system and clear goals about how keeping the weight off will help their health and let them live longer and better. Plastic surgery can help with the excess skin and soft tissue. See what your options are. Good luck!
Bariatric . Bariatric surgery is a tool to help you loose weight and not a solution to a problem. The band is a restrictive procedure and we have known for a long time that it dose not work with sweet eaters. Having a will to loose weight, diet and excersize will get you best results.