Can itching really last for a year or more after a brow lift? I've been researching brow lifts, and I found a forum where a couple of people were talking about itchiness more than a year after their surgeries. Is this a common problem? .

It's more common. After an anterior hairline approach. It's usually related to a sensory nerve problem. It can be frustrating!
Uncommon. Endoscopic browlift has a lower risk of prolonged itching or numbness than open techniques.It would be rare to suffer itchiness more than weeks to months after surgery.
Possible . Though less likely. Itching from surgical site indicates healing or dryness. See your doc for prolonged itching.
I . I agree with the other comments - this is not a common problem and is often self-resolving. Minimally invasive procedures such as endoscopic brow lift have significantly reduced soft tissue trauma and the occurrence of such unwanted side effects. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md.
Hi . Hi brow lift is a very safe and effective way of rejuvenating the upper eyelid and forehead regions... Due to incisions and dissection there is a small but real risk of having some nerve effects post operatively.... In rare cases it may last more than a year...But the vast majority of patients have no ill effects past 3-6 months...
Any . Any and all scars, whether from surgery or not can become itchy for a prolonged time period. For itchy scars, please visit your board certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for evaluation and treatment options.
There . There are several different techniques and the approach will likely have an effect on the development of itching. There are several nerves that travel in the vicinity of the incisions and some approaches will transect these nerves with itching as a result for up to 1-2 years. However, this is a rare event in my personal experience.