Will I need supplemental o2 if I need to fly regularly and I have sickle cell disease?

Depends. Commercial airplanes are pressurized to normal atmospheric pressure. If you require supplemental oxygen chronically because of chronic pulmonary disease, then you may need supplemental oxygen on flights. If you do not have chronic lung disease that requires chronic oxygen, then supplemental oxygen is not needed.
No. If your sickle cell disease is under control and managed with appropriate medication, you shouldn't need supplemental oxygen just because you fly. However, if you feel an event or crisis coming on, you should see your doctor before flying because, depending on the character of that sickle event, the high altitude may exacerbate the symptoms. It's not due to low o2 because the cabin is pressurized.

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What will happen if I fly without extra o2 and I have sickle cell disease?

Ask ur Hematologist. Contact the airline company. They may be able to provide you with the oxygen while flying. You and your dr. Must fill out a medical form for that purpose. The fear in sicle cell is to have a crisis with severe pain and occlusion to the arteries causing strokes and heart attacks.
Flying with sickle c. Not every sickle cell pt flies with supplemental o2. It really depends on the severity of your illness overtime, the pressurization and the recommendations of your sickle cell physician. There are those patients where flying can predispose you to a crisis. Generally, I recommend lots of fluid hydration before and during flight and for a select group of patients with frequent crises supplementalo2.