Bloodpresure was 190/109 @ 6am 8:30am 153/93 @10am 167/ 128 what could be causing this swing in presure? Normal BP 120-138/ 60-84

Hello. . Hello. I don't know the cause for your blood pressure fluctuations. You wrote in an hour ago. If you blood pressure was taken correctly and is 167/128, please be evaluated at the er. Your diastolic (lower) blood pressure is dangerously high.
All . All these pressures are high and many people, even those with high blood pressure (hypertension) vary throughout the day and night. Regardless of the swings, you need better treatment if your blood pressure monitor is accurate. In general, the goal in people under the age of 80 years who have hypertension, is less than 140 for the upper number (systolic) and less than 90 for the lower (diastolic). If you are usually normal and intermittently go quite high like this, you also should be checked for a rare condition called pheochromocytoma.