Is it safe to use those denture cleaner tablets on a night guard? My dentist told me to brush my night guard to clean it, but I don't think it's really getting that clean. Would those denture tablet things work to clean it? .

Be careful. If it is a hard bite guard then you can use denture cleaners. If it is a hard night guard with a soft inner lining (hard/soft) guard then dentures cleaners will cause it to cloud up and ruin the inner soft lining over time.
Yes and no. Depend to the type of the night guard they made you. The best thing to use is tiny-tiny dish soap with tooth brush under tap water. Make sure rise it very good after.
You. You dentist knows the exact material that you guard is made from so he/she needs to give the final approval but in general the answer is yes! -the tablets can be helful.
Many. Many dental offices are equipted with an ultrasonic cleaning machine that uses a solution that is designed to remove stains that occur on dental appliances. If your dentist has one they may run your nightgaurd through as a courtesy for little or no charge.