Why do I keep getting a hairy tongue over and over again? It seems like I get hairy tongue all the time, and sometimes once it goes away it starts back up again within a week. I brush and floss every day, so I don't now why this is happening. Do I need to

Clean tongue. Use a tongue scraper or rake to clean your tongue daily. If your problem persists after better oral hygiene, see a doctor for more insight into your issue.
Usually . Usually a white coating on the tongue represents debris, bacteria and dead cells that makes it look white. The "furry" presentation is due to the thin hair like filiform papilla that cover the dorsal surface of the tongue. This presentation is usually harmless and temporary. White lesions in the mouth can also be indicative of more serious conditions such as infections, autoimmune diseases and precancerous / cancerous lesions. For this reason it is recommended that you be evaluated by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon should the condition persist more than a week.