Does this sound like cracked tooth syndrome? When I bite or chew hard things, it hurts in the left rear of my mouth and my dentist couldn't find anything on the x-ray. He said there was no cavity, and I can't figure out any other reason it would hurt..

"Cracked . "cracked teeth" are often hard to detect. Some of the clues that we can use when xrays are normal include: 1. No prior restoration (filling) with pain to biting can suggest a crack/fracture. 2. Use of a tooth sleuth or bite stick to test different corners of the tooth could detect a weak point. 3. A cbct (cone beam ct) can help visualize a fracture 4. Pulp testing can determine if a particular tooth is more sensitive to thermal stimuli than other teeth.
Cracked . Cracked teeth are a challenge to diagnose. An endodontist is a good place to start, as they see this routinely. A tooth sleuth helps or a bite adjustment, and if so it likely will need a crown and maybe even a root canal....
This . This could indicate a cracked tooth, especially if it had a root canal. Unfortunately this is one of the hardest problems to diagnose. I would recommend an evaluation by an endodontist. A new technology called cbt (cone beam x-ray) is showing some promise in finding cracked teeth. You may just have to let the situation declare itself more before acting with insufficient evidence of what is truly wrong as it may lead to unnecessary treatment.