Baby bottle tooth decay and pulling all teeth? My sister and brother-in-law have taken on a two year old that they want to adopt. They took her to the dentist, and the dentist said that she has severe tooth decay in almost all of her teeth, and wants to h

Serious. Congrats to your relatives for their generous choices. It's so sad when a dentist sees these problems. Early loss of baby teeth can affect eruption timing and positions of permanent teeth. Abscessed baby teeth can harm underlying permanent teeth. 2 or more missing adjacent baby teeth can adversely affect speech and swallowing. Child really needs to see a pediatric dental specialist for exam.
This . This sounds like a drastic treatment recommendation for a 2 yr old but if the teeth cannot have root canals and be restored then there is no other alternative. This will create feeding and social problems for the child. This may also pose problems down the line with the eruption of the permanent teeth so the child will need to be followed closely by the pediatric dentist. If any of the teeth are salvageable then i recommend saving as many as possible even if they require root canals and baby crowns. This will help to provide anchorage for replacements down the line, provide some chewing surfaces and hopefully maintain space for the permanent teeth. A second opinion may be in order.
Second opinion. From what i gather, the dentist is recommending that all primary teeth are pulled at age two? I would definately get a second opinion from another provider. Ask the provider if there is any possible way that the teeth can be saved. It will be expensive, but ideal not to loose all teeth if possible.
Some teeth. Baby bottle tooth decay is an emotionally and physically devastating disease. Very often by the time we see the child for the first time the front teeth are so destroyed that they do need to be extracted. We can usually save the back teeth with stainless steel crowns. These children are also more prone to future cavities and need constant follow up dental care.