How do you start cleaning a baby's tooth? I know that I should start brushing her teeth as soon as the first tooth comes in, but she has only one tooth that is just partly in. Should I start now, or wait until it comes in all the way. What is the best pro

Baby Teeth. Purchase an infant tooth brush. Brush the teeth and gums gently in the morning and before bed. Do not give your child anything but water after you brush in the evening. Do not use toothpaste yet. Your child will become comfortable with the brushing routine and that in turn will encourage a healthy dental lifestyle. See a pediatric dentist between12-18 months.
You . You can begin to gently brush the tooth without tooth paste when you wash you daughter in the morning and evening. This will get them use to the process so that when the back teeth come in you can adequately clean the chewing surfaces. Remember, do not put your child to sleep (nap or bedtime) with a bottle to prevent baby bottle decay. You should consider having your daughter see a pediatric dentist in the next six months.
Great . Great habits form early on, and you have a great opportunity to develop one for your daughter now. Use either a baby toothbrush or gauze to cleanse her mouth. Switch to the toothbrush as soon as she becomes familiar with the routine.