Thyroid issue please look hi I just got back test result. I'm on 150 mcg Synthroid and 1 grain armour. I missed this month period, I have also difficult time to lose weight and feeling tired. Where is the problem? > > TSH 0.006 norma 0.450 - 4.5 >

The . The Armour Thyroid screws up the tests and makes treatment very challenging and has many drawbacks. See my blog post below. There are many causes of fatigue, tiredness and difficulty losing weight. No endocrinologist or experts recommend checking reverse t3, its silly and a waste of money. These tests suggest that you are getting too much thyroid hormone. I suggest you discuss with your prescribing doctor, hopefully an endocrinologist, switching you to synthroid (thyroxine) only and rechecking your levels in 6 weeks. Too much thyroid can also cause tiredness and stress your heart.
Check RT3. Must check reverse t3. I find it a very useful test in some cases. Check free T3 and reverse t3. Ft3 should be in upper range and rt3 in lower range. If your ratio is off, you may need more Armour Thyroid or t3, and synthroid (thyroxine) would be the wrong med for you. Check my blog for more information http://drfairchild.Blogspot.Com/2012/12/proper-thyroid-testing.Html.
You . You have medication-induced hyperthyroidism and will need dose reduction of your synthroid (thyroxine). Generally, i don't prescribe Armour Thyroid for treatment of hypothyroidism, unless there is clear indication for T3 supplementation. Suppressed TSH can be harmful especially on the long term (decreased bone density, increased risk for cardiac arrhythmia). Please discuss this further with your physician with the goal to achieve normal thyroid levels within the next 6-8 weeks. Good luck. Cayce t. Jehaimi, M.D., faap pediatric endocrinology & diabetes the children's hospital of southwest florida fort myers, fl usa.