What causes swelling of the ankles my right ankle swelled up from the inside up to the center of my leg. Excruciating pain and redness. The pain went away after two hours. Two days later my left foot started except only the ankle on the outside swelled wit

In . In general, swelling that occurs in both feet/ankles simultaneously is usually the result of the body retaining fluid. It's the feet and ankles that swell only because gravity brings the fluid down there. It's not a symptom of something wrong with the feet or ankles, but rather some systemic condition that is causing fluid to be retained in the body. The 4 most common causes being an issue with either the heart, lungs, liver or kidneys. But when one foot or ankle swells, it almost always means something is wrong with the foot or ankle, and it's not related to fluid retention. Also, fluid retention is not typically painful; certainly not "excruciating." there are many reasons for an ankle to swell and become painful (i'm assuming there was no injury), and when you say first it was one ankle, then it went away, only to start up on the other ankle, i'd wonder about some kind of arthritic process of an inflammatory nature, like gout or rheumatoid arthritis. I suppose there is also the remote possibility you could have had a phlebitis in one leg which cleared up on its own, and then re-developed it on the other lower leg, but this is a stretch, to be honest. My best advice is to have your primary care physician take a look at it. He or she will be able to rule-out certain conditions, order appropriate tests, and make an appropriate referral to a specialist, if needed. But i wouldn't ignore this. I would get it checked out. Feel better.