Husband to go to the ER because he is complaining that his chest hurts, he has COPD and he had open heart surgery in oct three years ago, I found him in respiratory failure, he had a trak, prone to get bronchitis and a host of other medical problems. Th

Yes. Got to the er for chest pain. Go to the er for respiratory failure (sob, difficulty breathing, air hunger) although it could also be cardiac failure secondary to a heart attack or angina. Combination of COPD and heart disease is not good so must see cardiologist and pulmonologist/or internist (if comfortable in managing sever respiratory problems). Past h/o a trach makes him high risk.
It . It would be important for him to get checked out by a physician. I can't help you with getting him to cooperate, but if he won't go to the hospital, try to get him in to a doctor's office for an evaluation.