Is it best to have an upper eyelid surgery along with my brow lift? I'm worried that having just the brow lift will leave me with a young-looking forehead but old-looking eyes. I think that would look unnatural..

Possibly. if you need both then you are correct to consider doing them together. Ask your facial plastic surgeon!
Eye vs browlift. An eyelift can compliment a browlift. Which procedure you need depends on your anatomy. Have your eyes and brows evaluated by a board certified facial surgeon with expertise in these procedures.
There . There is no one best way to have surgery to the brow and/or eyes as the treatment needs to be customized to your anatomy and desires. It is quite common to combine brow lift surgery with eyelid surgery (or resurfacing) so you can discuss your options with your surgeon to see what would work best for you.
This . This is a good question as the answer depends on your specific needs. In periocular rejuvenation one needs to consider the eyebrow position. If your eyebrow is in an ideal, youthful position and the upper eyelid looks tired - an upper eyelid surgery will be beneficial. However, if you raise your eyebrow position to a natural appearing, youthful position then you may not need an upper eyelid surgery (or more commonly, a less aggressive one). Commonly, patients have aging of some variation of the upper eyelid and brow complex that requires both to be treated. I might also add that you may wish to evaluate if you need treatment of the lower eyelids as well (surgical or laser) since you will be under general anesthesia and already recovering from a surgery. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md www.Larrabeecenter.Com.
I . I do not recommend it in most situations. If your primary complaint and/or physical exam findings indicate brow ptosis (brow droopiness) and you are an appropriate and consenting surgical candidate for brow-lifting, then this is the best initial procedure for you. However, if your primary complaint and/or physical findings are excessive eyelid skin without brow ptosis or with minimal brow ptosis and you are an appropriate and consenting surgical candidate for blepharoplasty (eyelid-lift surgery), then this is the best procedure for you. However, often times, both conditions exist to a varying degree and it is a matter of discussion as to what bothers you most and which is most severe by exam. Surgical browlift does minimize the look of excessive skin of your upper lids and can cause slight difficulty in accurately determining the appropriate amount of extra lid skin to remove, if performed contemporaneously. I recommend seeing a cosmetic, oculoplastic or dermatologic surgeon for evaluation.
It . It really depends on the severity of your condition. If you have excess skin redundancy of the upper eyelid, it may be best to perform these procedures simultaneously. If however your primary condition is brow ptosis, there may be little need to proceed with the upper eyelid.