What should I do about my hip and knee? I'm a 15 year old girl and in 8th grade I tore my minescus and broke my femur in my left leg, got surgery and was recovering/in physical therapy for about two years. Now I injured the joint in my left ankle and am s

I . I echo what dr. Lee said. Walking boots are generally a little higher than your normal shoe, and they change the way you walk. It is common to get pain on the opposite side when you wear a walking boot for any significant time period. I would recommend wearing a thicker soled shoe on the right side. If the pain on the right side continues, then physical therapy may help you so i would recommend that you follow up with your physician.
Sometimes . Sometimes the boot that you are wearing on your left ankle can cause hip pain on your right hip. The boots are great for ankle stability, but they usually have a thick sole can cause your gait to be off balance. Try wearing a shoe on your right side that matches the thickness of the boot that your are wearing on your left. If your right hip pain does not go away you may want to try some physical therapy.