My son has had an earache for a couple of days with stuffy nose, now his jaw is swollen, is this sinus infection? Ear ache. Swollen jaw

Since. Since this is only a couple of days old, it be a viral infection. If symptoms get worse over the next few days, or if they do not improve by a week, then you may want to go to the doctor.
? swollen lymph nodes. If this is severe he should see the dr again to see if he needs a change of antibiotics or lab work.

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I have Fluid in my right ear and I also have fluid in both of my Mastoids, I do not have drainage from ear or sinuses no ear ache no sinus infection o?

ME fluid, no pain. The middle ear and mastoid spaces are connected. Since you are not experiencing any other symptoms, fluid in middle ear and mastoid should be monitored by your ENT, along with you hearing and balance.

Nausea dizziness eye pain constant HA in forehead ear ache and feeling flushed but very little nasal congestion. Sinus infection?

Possibly. It sounds like it is potentially sinus infection. However we should not discount more serious things. Please see your doctor for an in person exam.