I have a colectomy it done over 20 yrs ago ant to get lap band surgery would be safe for me had colectomy done for Crohn's disease and colectomy can I have a lap band surgery even thought I have the colectomy done overr 20 years ago

Lap band colectomy. Yes, it can be done. I have placed bands in people that have had colectomies. It can be tough because of all the scar tissue, but bands and sleeve gastrectomies can be done. A bypass would be very difficult to do though.
In . In general, having a colon resection should not interfere with having a band or a sleeve gastrectomy since the surgeon doesn't have to interact with the portion of intestines that were involved in the original colon surgery. If your colectomy was for crohn's disease, technically the lap band and possibly the realize band are contraindicated (please confirm with your bariatric surgeon). Any other cause for colectomy including ulcerative colitis shouldn't be an issue in terms of getting the band. Good luck.
It . It sounds like it may be an option for you and your doctor to discuss. You did not say if you still have crohn's disease or if you are currently on immuno-suppressant medications. Some medications for crohn's disease can negatively affect your immune system and increase risks of poor healing with surgery. Also if you have persistent crohn's disease, it is known that rarely crohn's can affect a person's stomach, and you may need further evaluation to tell if lap band surgery is safe for you. Also your current nutritional status is a factor for surgery and healing, but just having had a colon surgery 20 years ago is not likely to be a negative factor for you.
Yes. It is a soft contraindication with ibd to get lap band but it is perfectly safe to get it. There may be difficulty with adhesions.