My husband gave me genital herpes through a canker sore--but his STD test came back negative for hsv1? Why is that? I have only had one sexual partner: my husband. I contracted genital herpes because he had a canker sore in his mouth and performed oral se

Test failure. The tests for viral presence and accurate identification (hsv-1 and hsv-2) are not 100% accurate. They tend to look for antibodies for the particular virus, which may not have yet been detectable when the test was performed. A re-test with one of the newer screening tests is advisable.
Hello. . Hello. Herpes simplex type i is the common cold sore. Most people have been infected with it. Although not usual, it has somes gone to genital areas. Herpes simplex type ii is the normal genital form of herpes. I can tell that you are really worried. Try not to be, what you have is not the kind that is usually spread through sexual contact. So, it does not mean that either partner was every unfaithful. Take care.

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If I have a canker sore/cold sore, why did my hsv1 test come back negative? I had a canker sore that resulted in giving my girlfriend genital herpes when I gave her oral sex....She's positive for hsv1, but I'm not. Is that normal? Did we take different te

Make . Make sure you both are tested for hsv type 1 and 2. It was previously thought that type 1 was only localzed to the mouth and type 2 to the genitals, but that is not correct. Also consider the fact that your gilrfriend already carried the virus and you did not give it to her by giving her oral sex. Take care. Read more...
See a doctor. See a physician and quit making false assumptions of what diseases you have. Read more...