Should I schedule my 4 year old daughter with a visit to small smiles dentist? On easter last week, my daughter fell and hit her mouth. Her front tooth has shifted down. Her bite is no longer symmetrical. It has been over a week and she still complains o

Go immediately. Traumatically displaced teeth can cause damage to underlying permanent teeth. There may be bone damage from the accident. The displaced baby tooth may have to be removed. If this happened a week ago, she's a week overdue to see a dentist to have this evaluated. Please go now.
Yes, . Yes, i would have your dentist evaluate the tooth immediately. A radiograph could be taken to evaluate the root and the permanent tooth that is forming under it. At that point, a recommendation could be made.
It . It is not too late to have a dentist evaluate the situation. Of concern is potential damage to the developing permanent teeth. Her pain should have also abated over the week. This is a signal that something is not right and needs to be address by a pediatric dentist.
It . It is always a good idea to see a dentist, if for nothing else than peace of mind. This is a common injury and often takes care of itself, but sometimes dentist intervention is needed. Call right away.