How to get rid of phlegm mucus I have been having problems with a lot of phlegm thick mucus I have been to doctors they do not now what it is how do I get rid of this, I have tries cough and cold, an nothing is working, it is very hard to swollow an it fe

If . If you haven't already done so, i would seek out a good local ENT in your area for a thorough history and exam that could include nasal endoscopy to evaluate for possible sinus origin, indirect mirror or flexible scope exam of your throat, etc. Depending on findings, you may need ct imaging of your sinuses, in the mean time, if your mucous is thick and sticky, Mucinex (guaifenesin) (otc) is a safe medication that can help thin the mucous so it is more easily transported through your upper nasal and sinus passages. Try to drink enough water to stay well hydrated.Gargling with salt water also may help break up some of the phlegm. If you are a smoker this is counterproductive as it incites an inflammatory mucosal response and stimulates more mucous production.