How can you get toxic shock syndrome from tampons?

A toxin from Staph. Toxic shock syndrome is usually caused by a bacterial toxin from the staphloccal bacteria that resides on skin and in the vaginal area. The use of tampons, especially extended tampons, allows the accumulation of the toxin and bacteria and the person becomes ill, sometines severly ill. The bacteria can be resistant to multiple antibiotics and special antibiotics must be used.
Prolonged use. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by the overgrowth of a bacteria, usually staph. When women use tampons with greater absorbency than needed and/or for long periods of time, the bacteria can grow expeditiously and result in the release of toxin that causes nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, and sometimes death.

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Is it possible to get toxic shock syndrome from tampons?

Not exactly. The tampon is not the source of the staph. Toxic shock is due to an infection with a toxin or "poison " producing staph. If a woman has acquired this staph in her vagina, usually from an unknown source, the tampon may increase growth of the staph, which then causes the toxin effects to spread throughout the body.
Yes! Toxic Shock syndrome is due to a toxin produced by bacteria, either Staph or Strep. The bacteria produce a toxin which causes the immune reaction called Toxic Shock Syndrome. Tampons that are left on place for a prolonged period of time provide a culture medium for these bacteria to grow.

Can you get toxic shock syndrome by wearing a tampon when you are not on your period?

Yes. Yes-epecially if you use super tampons and leave them in for long periods of time. I'm not sure why you want to wear a tampon if you don't have a period. If its for a discharge, consider a mini-pad or panty liner.

Can you get toxic shock syndrome from the plastic from a tampon being left in your vagina? I have had a fever and chills, then extreme periods of sweating along with a lump behing my ear and one that is getting pretty big on my neck below it. These lumps

Toxic. Toxic shock syndrome was felt to be secondary to extremely-absorbable tampons, which became associated with staph and strep infections. Toxic shock syndrome has symptoms of high fever, rash, and often vomiting or diarrhea. If a patient had high fever, vomiting, and rash, then they should consult with their physician. The reasons for swelling behind the ears and in the neck may be a different cause of infection.

What exactly happens when you get toxic shock syndrome? I know the symptoms but what is happening in your body? How do tampons cause it?

Vascular collapse. Bacteria grow in the vagina around the tampon that has been left in place for a period of time. The "toxic" byproducts of that growth get into the bloodstream through the vagina and release pyrogens (fever agents) in turn those toxins act on the capillaries and arterial endotheliums (cell walls) to turn them into "sieves" causing extravasation of the blood contained in the vessels and "shock".

How else could a person get toxic shock syndrome apart from tampons?

TSS. Toxic Shock Syndrome can occur with use of superabsorbent tampons/ contraceptive sponges, viral infections, burns/ abrasions to skin or recent surgery.

I forgot my tampon overnight. Had it in for a good 16 hours. How likely is it that I would get toxic shock syndrome?

Not likely. Toxic shock symdrome is uncommon. Toxic shock syndrome can affect most organ systems in the body, including the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood, and pancreas. All people with toxic shock syndrome have a fhigh ever and a rash, as well as symptoms in at least three other organ systems.