Will day care help with my child's aggressive behavior?

This should help. Day care is a great way to introduce baby to the process of getting along with others. They are self centered by nature and have different levels of aggressive behavior when placed in a group. The key difference in day care is the primary caregivers regard each child as equal & your baby begins to accept a relative strangers limit setting when they would challenge yours.
If you choose a . Setting in which the teachers are skilled in behavior modification techniques, it will. As with medical symptoms, disruptive behavioral symptoms require assessment to determine the cause of the behaviors in order to find the most effective treatment. Seeing a developmental/ behavioral pediatrician or child psychiatrist & a child psychologist now can change your child's long-term outcome.
Possibly. Most daycares are not set up to deal with aggressive behaviors, and such behaviors can lead to expulsion, so you need to be open with daycares about your concerns. A daycare with a good, structured program, close supervision, and prompt intervention, can be of help. You may also need to see a behavioral specialists or other mental health professional to get at why your child is being aggressive.