The tip of my penis is swollen, it looks lik theres little bumps. Its red and burns when I pee and ejaculate. It looks like ther e is something inside of the head. What is it pleasehelp.

Get that looked at. You need to see a doctor. If you have been sexually active, and that includes blow jobs, then this is undoubtedly an STD, or even more than one. If you have never had sex, then these symptoms are very unusual but most likely still represent some sort of infection. This is an appropriate problem to take to the ER if you can't get into a doctor or public health clinic right away.
Hello. . Hello. Since you have added an "std" tag, will assume that you have had unprotected sexual intercourse. You need to have you doctor evaluate you so that the cause can be determined and a treatment plan can be made. This is not one that you would just want a doctor on the internet to try to diagnose without a full workup.