Am I depressed, bipolar, or pregnant? I'm about 100 percent sure im not pregnate. But is there a texst my doctor can give me to see if im depressed or bipolar. My mood changes fast and normally from happy to sad and back to happy. When I get sad I think I

Hello. . Hello. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists are specialists that are trained to evaluate these types of conditions. Although they may have questionairres or use psychological testing, the interview is where they obtain much of the information that is needed to assess you.
Best to. See your doctor about ruling out any medical cause and if necessary then referring you to a psychiatrist or psychologist to have a full clinical evaluation. in brief the only way to truly diagnose a psychiatric condition is by clinical interview during a 1.5-2 hour evaluation in which you are asked about your symptoms, your history, and your family history. Though there are questionnaires or pencil and paper tests, these are for assisting when further details are needed. Take care.
Unfortunately no. If "test" is referring to a laboratory or diagnostic study then unfortunately no such test exists for mood disorders the diagnosis is based on the clinical examination "tests" may be done to exclude other medical conditions that could mimic mood disorders.