Can anyone give some suggestions as to what I may have? Ok long story short im sick, I've had xrays done blood work urine test ultra sounds colonoscopy gastroscope exam, even had my gallbladder removed (how this all began) my symptoms are: sever abdominal

Can’t tell . To complicated to tell on social media. Need to see all results and examine you. When pain occurs go see a physician with all your results. .
More data. Need some more details, where is the pain, what seems to set it off, how long does it last, related to meals? Any other symptoms, diarrhea, weight loss, etc. Are you male or female? Age/race? Any other medical conditions? Not able to say much about the cause without a thorough history and physical and all the reports from the testing.
You . You need a thorough checkup, possibly with ct scan or mri, there is no way anyone could pinpoint the diagnosis from the plethora of symptoms you have. More than likely, it is not something you could shrug off; if this were me, i would be in my doctors waiting room or possibly even er today. Please do not take this lightly, you need medical attention now.