What can happen if I don't get any help for gender identity disorder?

Depression. Failure to get help dealing with your gender identity can result in confusion and depression.
Gender Identity D/O. People with gender identity disorder often suffer greatly. Depending on the support and treatment received, they are at risk for many additional problems such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide. Many become socially isolated, not sure of where they "fit" or whether to visibly show their gender identity in public. Treatment is a long road, but can lead to more self-acceptance.

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What can happen if I don't get help for gender identity disorder?

Gender identity. Different professionals may have different opinions. First, it depends a lot on your own background, values, and beliefs. From my orientation (see my profile), you need to speak with someone because the fact that you are asking the question suggest some need for clarification, .
2B or Not 2B True 2U. If the gender w/which u identify doesn't match the gender u were assigned at birth, life can b very complicated. Coming out & living ur life as ur affirmed gender can create conflicts & problems. But not coming out & not living ur life as ur affirmed gender can also create terrible conflict & inner turmoil. A 2010 survey of trans-identified people in us found 41% have attempted suicide.

What could happen if I don't get help for gender identity disorder?

It depends. Your course depends on how much you're suffering with this problem, your personal medical & mental health history, family history, substance abuse, etc. Some people become very depressed and suicidal; others do whatever they can to appear like the gender with which they identify but pursue no other treatment. Some are bullied because of their differences, and this intensifies depression/anxiety.