What are some good parenting techniques for working with a child with severe emotional and aggressive behavioral problems?

Behavior probs. I have published a book on kindle which provides guidance to parents with children who have behavior problems. It is called: parenting the kids according to a child psychiatrist and sells for only $5.95. The book may help you to help your child's behavior. Good luck.
Extra help. Children with extreme emotional responses to everyday situations present challenging behaviors which can be both difficult and exhausting for the caregiver to manage. Talk to your doctor about where to find additional help either to teach you advanced parenting techniques or specific behavior therapy for your child. There is no magic formula, changing behavior takes loving persistence and time.
Consistency. Most children with emotional problems respond best to consistency and stability. They like to know that the big rules are always the same and they do best with some structure. Keep the rules simple and clear, but use them with appropriate consequences for not following them. Try to keep bedtime and meal times pretty consistent as well. When your child knows what to expect, it can be easier.
Seek accurate . diagnosis & treatment from a child psychiatrist & psychologist to manage symptoms with medications, behavioral therapy & environmental manipulations at home & school. A neurodevelopmental exam defines how a child learns best, as well as his cognitive levels. Search for underlying genetic & other medical conditions. Do not expose the child to verbal or physical aggression at home or on-screen. .