What does a brown recluse spider bite look like I have a bite on index finger and the skin is coming off. It burns and itches, has little ant bite type bumps

A . A brown recluse bite can have different appearances. There can be almost no signs of the bite or there can be a dark escar (scab) with surrounding white tissue (that is dead). In some cases the brown recluse's bite can be necrotoxic and cause very severe damage. It can large amounts of skin to die and can eat into the muscle as well. This type of reaction is usually associated with fever, muscle and joint pain and feeling very ill. I can not diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Brown recluses are actually very little and non-descript looking. If your skin is sloughing off your finger - do recommend that this be medically evaluated.
Ulceration. The brown recluse spider bite starts out as reddened skin that then blisters and then ulcerates. Expect mild to moderate pain and itching 2-8 hours following the bite. The ulcer takes about a week to develop and months to heal. Have a professional evaluate the bite. Beware that MRSA can start out looking like a spider bite.