What are the odds for/against delivering a normal healthy baby if mother smoked a pack a day and used meth for the 1st 14wks? What are the odds for and against giving birth to a normal healthy baby if the mother smoked a pack a day and used meth for the f

One can't give odds. Because there really are no data for this kind of thing. The cigarettes generally are associated with low birth weight babies, but if you stop now, that will correct itself, as will the health of the placenta. Methamphetamine for the whole first trimester may have many effects. An OB can do ultrasound and perhaps amniocentesis and tell you much more about health of the fetus. I hope you've stopped.
Use . Use of methamphetamine during pregnancy can increase the fetus’ and the mothers heart rate. The fetus may receive less oxygen. Oxygen is required for the fetus to grow. So the baby may have a lower birth rate. Use of methamphetamine is associated with higher rates of miscarriage, the placenta tearing and premature labor. Many women who abuse methamphetamine, do so throughout their pregnancies. This can cause the poor baby to be born with a methamphetamine addiction. The baby can go into withdrawal after birth and have symptoms like difficulty feeing, difficulty sleeping and tremors. Some studies have suggested an association with learning disorders. I do not know the statistics for complications for a woman who used methamphetamine the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. However, one thing is clear, if the mother returns to methamphetamine use, there is significant potential for harm to the fetus. I hope that the mother becomes involved in narcotics anonymous. The mother also needs to be scrupulously honest with the obstetrician about her illicit drug use.