Tree branch fell approx. 4 ft and hit head 5 days ago.  numb and bulging veins left arm, weak pulse left wrist. Slurring "s" words was amateur cage fighter pulled arm and chest muscle on left side 3 years ago, has swelling and feeling of pinched nerve und

Weak . Weak pulse and bulging veins in one limb could indicate a serious problem with the blood vessels in that region. Such problems, which include something called arterial dissection and something called venous thrombosis, could threaten the limb or your life. These sort of symptoms should be evaluated right away. Problems with the large arteries and veins in the neck or in a limb are usually first tested with an ultrasound, using a probe placed on the skin. There is usually no discomfort involved.
You . You have had head trauma and now have neurological symptoms. You should get to a doctor as soon as possible. The shoulder symptoms may be related to an orthopedic issue. Both should be evaluated.
Some . Some of your symptoms suggest either a head injury or even a "mini" stroke depending on your age. Others suggest some local vascular (artery or vein injury). In any case, you really need to be seen by a physician. If the symptoms are persistent (especially if you have a headache) and cannot be seen by a doctor, you shuld be evaluated in an emergency department. Good luck.