Help with my small puncture wound? Earlier today (around 5+ hours ago) a small thorn-like object punctured the bottom of my toe, right at the bend. It bled for a couple minutes, and I made sure there was no remaining bits of the thorn in my foot, cleaned

Object piercing skin. A puncture wound is caused by an object piercing the skin and creating a hole such as from stepping on a nail. Such injuries can potentially be dangerous as one may develop tetanus, or a number of other types of deep infections.
There . There is probably still a piece of thorn inside. Infections take 48 hours to develop, so i doubt what you're feeling is infection. You can try soaking it in plain warm water, which might help whatever is still in there to surface, but you really should go see a podiatrist and have the little sucker out. It's a thorny issue, but i think you get the point! (sorry).