How is smartlipo different from liposculpture? When is smartlipo used instead of liposculpture and how are they different? .

Laser lipo. Smart lipo is simply the addition of a laser to the liposuction surgery. Liposuction (or liposcultpure) permanently removes fat from the treated areas. The laser may help tighten skin and reduce bruising.
In . In smart lipo the fat is melted by extreme heat generated by a laser, then the fat is suctioned off. In lipo fat is suctioned off and that's it. Claims are being made that the laser heats up the skin and makes it tighter, i don't buy it. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.
The . The term "liposculpture" was coined to give the liposuction procedure a more precise sounding name. There is no difference whatsoever. I don't care what device is used to get the fat out, they all can succeed. No device has been shown to give better results than any of the others. Your result is 100% due to the surgeon using the device and what kind of condition your skin is in.
SmartLipo . Smartlipo uses a laser to destroy the fat. Surgeons then vary on their opinions as to whether this should be followed by liposuction. If no liposuction is used the destroyed fat must be absorbed by your body. If liposuction is used than liposclupture may be performed in any event. The liposculpture uses vacuum pressure to remove the fat without a laser. Some believe the laser will help the skin contract but this has not been validated nor quantified.
Same but different. SmartLipo is a type of liposculpting. "Liposculpting" simply means that you are selectively removing fat to improve the contour of the body. SmartLipo uses a laser to melt the fat before removing it. This gives a smoother result with less bruising and post op pain. Different providers are comfortable with different types of liposculpting (SmartLipo, traditional lipo, body jet, tickle, vaser).
Be Careful. Unfortunately for the “consumer”, there are many different terms used to describe the liposuction surgical procedures. Many of these procedures are simply marketing techniques used by different practitioners. Also, unfortunately there is minimal regulation involved when it comes to who can perform these procedures and the terminology employed etc. Patients need to do their own due diligence.
Synonymous. Liposculpture is a generic layman's term that "molds" fat through any method. It can refer to any particular kind of liposuction. Smartlipo is a laser based liposuction made by cynosure which used a laser fiber to obtain the same goal.