I have a tingling sensation throughout my right arm as if I have bumped my funnybone. In the morning is when it is the worst.

The . The feeling when the "funnybone" is hit comes from the ulnar nerve, one of the three major nerves in the upper limb. Usually this feeling is felt most in the pinkie and ring finger, and on the pinkie side of the forearm. If the whole upper limb is affected by a similar feeling, the problem may involve part of the brain, spinal cord, or an interchange of nerves called the brachial plexus. Often, problems involving the spinal cord and brachial plexus involve not only a feeling, but also some weakness. A visit to a primary care doctor may start to sort things out.
Tingling . Tingling and numbness in the little finger and half the ring finger can be due to ulnar nerve compression or injury. The ulnar nerve most commonly is affected at the ebow ( at the funny bone) in a region known as the cubital tunnel on the inner side of the elbow. Other sites of compression include the wrist in the little finger side of the palm in a region known as guyon;s canal. If the tingling and numbness is accompanied by muscle weakness it helps to define the level of compression. Compression at the forearm or the elbow will also affect the some of long flexors of the fingers and the wrist flexors, while compression at the wrist can be accompanied by weakness in the small muscles of the hand but exlude the longer flexors. Numbness on the back o the wrist often indicates elbow compression as well involvement of the brachial plexus , where the nerves exit the neck and shoulder region in and around the armpit area can seem to be ulnar nerve involvement the cervical spine can have nerve root involvement that can also seem like the funny bone , with tingling in the little and ring fingers are involved.
Agree . Agree with dr. Krob. People are familiar with carpal tunnel that involves the median nerve and causes symptoms in the thumb and first two fingers. Well there is a much smaller space called the cubital tunnel that runs past the elbow and involves the ulnar nerve.This is one of the causes of the symptoms you describe and affects mostly the pinky. As with carpal tunnel it may cause hand weakness as well. Other causes need to be ruled out as well as dr.Krob suggests.