Upper front thigh area is causing great pain. From front of thigh down threw shin bone area. Was in severe car accident 10 years ago need a hip replacement on right leg. Have bruising, twisting, pulling kind of pain. Located on upper front thigh shooting do

Hip replacement. Your symptoms sound like your hip replacement prosthesis may be the problem. It could be loose, could be bone/metal fracture or infection. You need to see an orthopedic doctor and get some xrays and blood work done.
As . As with most pain conditions, there can be a variety of potential problems that can cause the pain that you are describing. It is difficult to diagnose with the short description given and without a proper physical examination. Pain is often a sign of inflammation. Inflammation often occurs when something is irritated. Irritation occurs from a variety of different things. If the pain does not improve, you should see someone who is qualified to make an appropriate diagnosis. This could be nerve related. As always, i would highly suggest you do your research when seeking medical help. Find a physician who meets, or even better, exceeds the basic qualifications to practice in their specific field or sub-specialty.