I am having pain in my back on the left side and it is in my lower back. What could be the cause of it? I thought it was just constipation but now I'm not so sure. It has been hurting for several hours and the pain is getting worse.

You . You may have strained your back. I would recommend rest, anti-inflammatories (check with your doctor before starting), chiropractor or physical therapy. If it does not get better over a couple days or if it worsens or you develop other problems, then you should contact your primary care doctor right away. Good luck!
As . As with most pain conditions, there can be a variety of potential problems that can cause the pain that you are describing. It is difficult to diagnose with the short description given and without a proper physical examination. Pain is often a sign of inflammation. Inflammation often occurs when something is irritated. Irritation occurs from a variety of different things. If the pain does not improve, you should see someone who is qualified to make an appropriate diagnosis. Typically, the first place to start is your primary care physician. They may order some imaging. They may refer you to a board certified and fellowship trained interventional pain specialist, like me. As always, i would highly suggest you do your research when seeking medical help. Find a physician who meets, or even better, exceeds the basic qualifications to practice in their specific field or sub-specialty.