Does amoxicillin affect other medications like, Zoloft (sertraline) or tri sprintec birth control? My ear drum ruptured last night and I went to the doctors today and they prescribed amoxicillin to me. I have also been sick with a cough for over a week.

There . There is no interaction between zoloft (sertraline) and amoxicillin. As far as the sprintec is concerned, there is an on going debate regarding this. Some doctors believe that antibiotics decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills while others do not. The research is not conclusive. Personally I do not put my paients on a back up method while taking antibiotics but some doctors do.This is up to you and your provider. Take care.
Drug interactions. Per the Drugs.Com drug interaction checker- " amoxicillin may reduce the effects of ethinyl estradiol in some women". No issues were reported with Zoloft.