Is my foot broken? I dropped a laptop on my foot sunday night. We iced and elevated it, within 24 hours there was swelling and a bruise forming around the swollen area. I am still able to walk with a limp as long as it's on the outside of my foot. (i hit

So . So when you say "we iced and elevated it, " we're talking about your foot, not the laptop, right? You could very well have fractured it, but the only way to tell is with an x-ray. What you could do is go to an emergency room. Even with no health insurance, they will see you, and they will take an x-ray. If it's broken, they'll wrap you up in something or another and send you on your way to be managed privately elsewhere. But at least at that point, you'll have yourself a diagnosis. If it turns out it is broken or you otherwise need to seek medical care, it might take you a few calls to find an office that will offer you some kind of discounted fee if you have no insurance. I find myself doing this more and more frequently, as the number of people, especially young people, have no health insurance. I would start by calling podiatrists, who, in my experience, are more apt to offer a discount than an orthopedist. Good luck with the laptop too!
Could be. It's not an unusual injury. Many patients will see swelling, bruising and pain in the area with and without a fracture. If you are concerned the best thing is to get an exam and likely an xray for the proper diagnosis and treatment plan!