How long after septoplasty can I sleep on my side? That's my normal position, and I have trouble spending the whole night on my back. Also, even if I start on my back, I usually end up on my side by morning. Would that be bad for getting good results afte

You . You should be able to sleep any way you like after septoplasty, as long as your head is sufficiently elevated. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.
I . I wouldn't expect your final septoplasty results to be affected by whether you sleep on your side or not. You may find that you may have some increased nasal congestion (than you would otherwise have) initially after surgery but either way you should get to the same endpoint of healing regardless.
Usually . Usually after a septoplasty you can sleep on your side right away.Usually there is a packing inside your nose so there is no problem sleeping on your