What to do about a cavity with no dental insurance? I believe I have a cavity due to a brown spot in the center of one of my back molars. I don't have dental insurance or a lot of money. What is the best route I should take? .

Unfortunately . Unfortunately the human body doesn't choose who has insurance and who doesn't. The need to repair your tooth remains regardless. You must get it checked out and let the dentist know that due to finances you want the most cost effective yet appropriate treatment for your tooth.
The . The smaller the problem, the less expensive is the treatment. Just have an exam and if decay is diagnosed, have a filling done and don't wait till it gets extensive and encroached into the pulp.
It . It sounds like you do not have a regular dentist. I would find one in your area in santa cruz. There are two viable ways to go about this. You can talk to people you work with or family and friends and see who there dentist is and if they are happy with him. You are obviously familar with the internet if you have found this site, so i would look for yelp. Look up dentists in santa cruz and check out their reviews and then go to their website. Choose one or two dentists. An they should both offer you a complimentary consultation. On our website we always have a new patient special where you get an exam, a cleaning and xrays for $49. I would call and ask them if they would set up a complimentary consultation. Then you can discuss your financial problem and also get a diagnosis in person from a dentist. Many offices offer discount plans so check out which ones do. Most importantly.....See a dentist soon so you know what you are self diagnosing.. If you take care of dental problems at the onset, the cost will be minimal compared to what happens when put off no matter what the reason.
I . I would recommend to look at having your treatment done maybe at a dental school or at a facility where they have general practice residency. Usually the price will be much lower. Yes you will be receiving treatment from a young practitioner but they are overseen by experienced dentists so sometimes you actually get better care. Good luck.
If you don't . have a lot of money, then the most economical thing to do is to see your dentist now and get any issues fixed. Then brush and floss regularly, watch sweets and get regular cleanings at the dental office. You will lay out some money now but save many times that amount as the cost of neglect. This is to say nothing of the pain and suffering you will spare yourself. Good luck.
Insurance. Not all health problems are covered by insurance. Talk to a Dentist about payment plan. Local Dental Society or Social Services can suggest reduce cost clinics. Dental Schools charge much less. It's cheaper & easier to have cavity restored than pay for root canal/crown or extraction/implant/crown. If you can see a cavity it's already fairly large. Don't delay, get help now.