Does drinking alcohol cause an increase in weight gain?

Depends. Alcohol has a carbohydrate effect & stimulates Insulin release which depresses blood sugar and stimulates hunger. Insulin release also turns off breakdown of fat as a backup energy source in the body. Over time this can lead to increased intake, quick deposition of energy as fat stores and eventual weight gain. The skinny alcoholic exists because they seldom spend money on food.
Yes, in several ways. Alcoholics, especially late stage ones, can look emaciated with muscle wasting but alcohol causes overwt and metabolic/nutirional problems commonly. 1) empty calories 2)poorer foods are chosen, bad diet 3) severe nutritional deficiencies contribute to brain, nerve and liver issues 4) alc is a direct toxic poison to many tissues, incl liver leading to poor absorption +"use" of nutrients. Exercise -.
Yes. Alcohol generally contains a significant number of calories per drink. It is better not to "drink your calories.".

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Does drinking alcohol cause weight gain?

YES. Have you ever heard of "beer belly"? Alcohol has lots of calories that your body does not need for nourishment, and it's easy to forget this when drinking. Here's an article & list: http://www.Medicinenet.Com/alcohol_and_nutrition/page3.Htm#weight the more sweet and exotic drinks are even more fattening than those listed here. Read more...

How to reduce weight gain while drinking alcohol nightly?

Difficult. It would depend how much and how often one is drinking. This is a big sabotage to many people trying to loose weight. Obviously the more physically active the better, and the better one eats other than the drinking. Read more...

Could you tell me what's the connection between alcohol consumption and weight gain?

Drink your calories. Alcohol contains calories and calories translate into pounds. 3500 calories equals on pound. So when you drink alcohol it goes directly toward your daily caloric intake. You can check the labels on your beer or other bottle drinks. You can look up calorie info on mixed drinks. Good rule of thumb is if you are trying to lose weight- dont drink your calories :). Read more...