Can I drive myself home after chin liposuction? My doctor told me my chin liposuction would be an outpatient procedure. But I forgot to ask if i'll be able to drive or if i'll need a ride home..

You'll need a ride. Home, because of the sedation medicines given during the procedure, and pain medications given afterwards.
No. You are likely to either have sedation or general anesthesia or at least narcotic pain medication, in any case it is not safe to drive. An adult should take you home.
If . If you are receiving any form of sedation or anesthesia (other than a numbing medicine injection) you won't be able to drive after your chin liposuction. You should ask your surgeon's office for more details about this to make sure.
I . I typically perform cervicomental liposuction procedures under sedation. Use of medications for sedation or general anesthesia will require you to refrain from driving for 24 hours. If the procedure is done under local anesthesia i still recommend the patient have somebody drive them home as there is the possibility that you could become light headed as your body reacts to the stress which makes driving risky. Contact you physicians office to see what their recommendation is.