Can perlane (dermal fillers) correct an inverted nipple? I've had good results with perlane (dermal fillers) for my face, so I'm wondering if it would work on my nipples, too..

Inverted nipple. It would be an off label use and probably not the best treatment.
Perlane (dermal fillers) . Perlane (dermal fillers) alone will probably not correct an interted nipple! since the inversion of the nipple is usually due to actual attachments within the nipple which pull the nipple inward, Perlane (dermal fillers) alone will usually not help. If there are attachments present a small surgerical procedure can be used to cut the attachments. Perlane (dermal fillers) could then be used to provide support for the newly projecting nipple. If you don't first cut the attachments it could actually make the nipple look worse to inject hyaluronic acid filler. See a board certified plastic surgeon certified by the american board of plastic surgery to find out the best way to proceed!
Perlane (dermal fillers) . Perlane (dermal fillers) is a good filler, but might not work on the inverted nipples. These are inverted due to short ducts or bands. If your nipples come out spontaneously, then it might help. To get a permanent correction, surgery under local anesthesia will correct the condition permanently.
It . It may make a nipple more prominent but it is unlikely to correct a truly inverted nipple which typically requires surgical repair. Click the link below for a photo before and after.