Do you have any suggestions for healing fecal incontinence? I've had trouble with fecal incontinence for 4 months. Small amounts unexpectedly, especially during high impact sports, and sometimes when passing gas. Excessively soft and frequent stools seem

Options. Increase fiber in diet, strengthen pelvic floor with Kegels. Look for Butterfly pads sold in stores like Target. Recommend gastroenterology or colorectal consultation for other causes, testing and treatment.
Consider PT. There are some non-surgical ways to improve incontinence. Adding fiber and even Imodium (loperamide) may make the stools firmer, making incontinence less likely. Also consider physical therapy for pelvic floor weakness. Unsupervised kegel exercises are often not very effective. A colon and rectal surgeon can help you with this.
Your . Your question is difficult to answer with the limited information provided. Until further testing for the cause of your condition continue pelvic excercise and modify diet and bowel habbit.