Reflux symptom starts off with nauseousness, you want to throw up, belching and burping, then pain goes into the back, causing the heart to flutter. Had to have ablation to fix the arrhythmia. Still have the attacks, but the heart does not race now. Stan

Hello. . Hello. I don't know what the cause of your symptoms is. Possible symptoms of reflux include: regurgitation of acid into your throat or mouth. This can leave a bad taste in your mouth or even cause you to vomit. Symptoms which fall under the category of dyspepsia include: nausea or burping after eating, feeling bloated or uncomfortably full with possible pain in the upper abdomen after eating a big meal. The symptoms can be triggered after lying on your back, eating too much or bending over; especially if lifting something heavy. Heartburn can be experienced as burning that can rise from your stomach and ascend as high as the throat. Here is the problem. Sometimes when a person is having a heart attack, they may think that they are having heartburn. The fact that your pain goes into your back and that your heart is fluttering is of concern. You didn't mention if you have any sense of tightness or issues with your breathing. Also don't know if you have been having these events for years or if they just started. If there is pain in your neck, shoulder, jaw or teeth or you are experiencing shortness of breath, that could be more suggestive of cardiac. Cardiac events can lead to feeling dizzy, nausea or having increased sweating. The pain from a cardiac source is often described as tightness, fullness or "feeling like their is an elephant sitting on my chest." it can occur intermittently for minutes at a time. If your symptoms are consistent with a heart attack then please call 911. Regardless, you need to have your symptoms medically evaluated.